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Monitor Screens

Screens are also referred to as monitors and are available with VGA, DVI, HDMI and Display port connections, some having a combination of these.

VGA is an analogue connection method, whereas DVI, HDMI and Display port offer digital connectivity and a wider range of screen resolutions.

The lager the screen the higher the resolution as a rule.  Screen formats have changed from 4:3 to 16:9 (or widescreen).  Some screens offer the ability to be turned between landscape and portrait (but not many).  You may also be able to find a screen with inbuilt speakers although the speakers are not usually that good a quality.

A good size screen in the 16:9 format is one about 21” in size although some people are electing to go for 24” or 27” monitors. A number of televisions can be used as monitors so feasibly you could have a 60” screen, but really these are more for presentation in large rooms.  

Graphics cards may have multiple outputs which means you could feed two screens from the computer and this opens up the option to either duplicate your screen, or more usefully extend it.  It is a bit like having two desks and putting some paperwork on one and more on the other.  Dual screens are idea if you need to do a lot of comparisons between documents.

If you have a laptop you can project to a second screen normally, so if the inbuilt screen is too small buy a bigger screen.