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Description of charge

Starting price £

Building new computer

This is the starting price for building a computer for you.  It excludes all parts and carriage, but includes loading of the operating system.


Memory upgrade - Desktop computer

Starting price excluding the cost of memory chips.


Hard Disk Drive upgrade

Starting price excluding the cost of the new drive.


Diagnosing startup problems and slow performance

Usually we are able to quickly identify and resolve these issues and apply a minimum charge for this work.  Rectifying the issue may require new hardware or detailed work on your computer which will result in additional labour and material charges.


Operating system upgrade.

Installation/upgrade to a new operating system e.g. Windows 10 without backing up the computer.  If a disk clone is required (to allow system to be recovered to the previous operating system add £35.  If a disk clone is required and you require the cloned disk there will be a charge for the disk.  We will only retain cloned disks for a short period after an upgrade.


Operating system re - install

Re - installed from your original disks or from disk image and with a valid product key provided.  To download and install updates to ensure all the latest fixes are applied will increase the cost.  The cost will also be higher if there is a need to identify and transfer  data from a previous drive.


Installation of application software

Per applications.


Installation of drivers and updates

Typically this will include graphics, sound, network and computer specific programs.


Data Transfer

Transferring data from one computer or hard drive to another.


Secure wipe of hard disk

Based on a 250 gb drive.


Data recovery

Cost of attempting recovery.  This is made up of assessing the chances of recover and then actual recovery.


Virus removal

Charge where it is economically viable to remove any virus.


Graphics Card upgrade

Starting price excluding the cost of new card.


Call out charge within 10 miles of Exeter

We do make this small charge, but will deduct it from the cost of any repair you commission us to do.  We will charge this in an event of an aborted call.


Solving connection problems

Customers should have all passwords available in order to allow correct configuration of broadband and email services, without this information the charge may be higher.


Slide scanning

Slides will be scanned to digital media such as DVD. Our basic scanning rate does not include any colour correction or enhancements.  Basic scanning of 100 slides.  This price will be doubled for simple colour correction and enhancements and higher again if complex adjustments are required.


Hourly rate

If a piece of work is likely to take more than an hour, we will charge each additional hour at this rate.  We will advise of the expected time to undertake the work and obtain your permission.


Price guide