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Operating System Re-installation

When it is necessary to replace a hard disk drive it is likely that we will need to re-install the operating system e.g. Windows 7/10.  We will make every effort in the first instance to resolve your computer problem without resorting to this option.

In the case of an issue with your hard disk drive we may be unable to take an exact copy of your existing disk drive as any errors would be transferred to the new drive.  Similarly if the problem with your disk drive is just one of corruption of files we would not want to copy the drive.

We can copy healthy drives to a new drive where we are simply upgrading your existing drive to a larger one.  In this case you should not see any difference in the layout of your desktop or the location of your files or favourites.

When we re-install an operating system from scratch you will notice differences in the appearance of your screen and you may need to re-install some of your original programs or provide us with the disks and licence keys to do so.


Comments and links

Where possible user files will be recovered and stored in a folder called “Old Drive”

To see what you may need to do to use these files download “What can I do with these files” from this website”.

Re-installing user programs (or applications as they are called).

See how to install programs.

A virus and firewall program needs to be installed.

See security options.

Old disk drive may still have data on it which can be accessed.

See how can I access this data.

User accounts will need to be created for each user of the computer.

See how to create user accounts and how this links with files recovered.

You will need to backup your computer.

See why I need to do this.

There may be a large number of automatic Windows updates

When we re-install an operating system we may not pick up all the updates.  Windows will automatically get updates over a period of time so we don’t do this for you.

You may lose your favourites

We may have recovered them but not update your favourites list.  

Your Internet home page may have changed.

See how to change my Internet home page.

Your default Internet search engine may have changed

See how to change my Internet search engine.